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Base Price Estimates for Commissioned Work
Last Revised 2017.1.11

Thank you for considering a commissioned work! Your piece will be 100% original and one-of-a kind.

Base Price Estimates are determined by size and medium and reflect starting rates for commissioned and do not reflect prices of pre-
existing work. Commissions that include figures, faces, animals or otherwise complex imagery are subject to rate increases. Price
quotes do not include 8% PA tax, shipping/handling or insurance.

•        To ensure the highest quality of work, please allow ample time for the creation of your commission. Date of completion will depend
on the size, complexity and medium of your project, as well as the availability of the artist. Please allow a minimum of 2-6 weeks for
drawings and watercolors, and up to 4 months for any work using oils.
•        Rates may increase for rush orders, those with particularly complicated imagery (i.e figures, faces and animals) and/or for
projects to be completed in the months of November and December.
•        The dimensions listed below reflect popular sizes: your unique commission can be customized to almost any size or dimension.

Drawings and Watercolors, on paper

7 x 5” in black plastic frame. Starting from: 50.00
9 x 12” in black plastic frame. Starting from: 80.00
11 x 14” in black plastic frame. Starting from: 120.00
18 x 24” in black plastic frame. Starting from: 200.00
36 x 48” unframed. Starting from 800

Paintings on Canvas

8 x 10” Starting from: 150.00
11 x 14” Starting from: 250.00
18 x 24” Starting from: 500.00
24 x 36” Starting from: 700.00
36 x 36” Starting from: 850.00
24 x 48” Starting from: 1,000.00
48 x 36” Starting from: 1,200.00
48 x 60” Starting from: 1,500.00
60 x 72” Starting from: 1,900.00
84 x 72” Starting from 2,400.00
72 x 96” Starting from 3,000.00

Paintings on Wood Panel: add 30% to Canvas Prices

For all other sizes and dimensions, contact the artist at