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Last Revised: 2020.06.26

Thank you for considering a commissioned House Portrait or Landscape! Your piece will be 100% original and one-of-a kind, and I am happy to
create something special for any budget. Cost estimates are determined by size, medium and complexity and reflect rates for COMMISSIONED
work only. They do not reflect prices of PRE-EXISTING work (please visit or my Etsy shop EricaHarneyArtist, to browse pre-
existing work..

To ensure the highest quality of work, please allow ample time for the creation of your commission. Date of completion will depend on
         the size, complexity and medium of your project, as well as the availability of materials.
●        Rates may vary depending on the availability of the artist with increases for rush orders, those with particularly complicated imagery
         and/or for projects to be completed in the months of October, November and December.
●        The options listed below reflect standard sizes and materials: additional options available upon request
●        Full payment is due within 30 days of receipt of invoice. Late payments will be subject to 20% interest after 7 days, and 5% for each
         additional week.
●        Payment plans available upon request.
●        Client will be required to sign a contract prior to project start.

Options and rates are regularly adjusted due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions that impact my ability to purchase or replenish
supplies. These are the options I am currently able to provide based on the materials I currently have in stock. Thank you for

Prices below reflect basic starting rates for paintings derived from a single reference photo. Additional charges may be added to
paintings created from a composite of multiple images and/or that require additions/modifications. Prices include shipping to the
Continental US but do not include 6% PA sales tax.

Watercolor on Paper:
Unframed: 8 x 10” 120.00+
Unframed: 9 x 12” 140.00+
Unframed: 11 x 14” 160.00+
Unframed: 12 x 16” 180.00+
Unframed: 18 x 24” 200.00+
Framed (white frame, white mat): 12 x 15" with frame. (8 x 10” before frame): 150.00+
Oil on Canvas (Unframed Only):
8 x 10” 150-175.00
11 x 14” 175-250.00
18 x 24” 250-350.00
24 x 36” 350.00-525.00
24 x 48” 550-750.00
48 x 36” 800-1,200
48 x 60” 1500-2,500
                                      *Hand-delivery and 10% discount for residents of zip codes 19050 and 19026*


Last revised: 2020.06.30

Thank you for considering a commissioned work! Your piece will be 100% original and made with love. Please refer to the options
listed above to fill out this form and return the entire document to me at

1.        Client Name:

2.        Date of Request:

3.        Shipping Address:

4.        Street Name and Number (for House Portraits) or Location Name (for Landscapes i.e “Bryce Canyon”):

5.        Project Completion Deadline:

6.        Medium (Watercolor on Paper or Oil on Canvas):

7.        Dimensions:

                        For Watercolors only: Framed or Unframed?

8.        Orientation: Portrait or Landscape?

9.        Optional: What’s the occasion? Tell me a little bit about why you’re commissioning this particular work. Please also
          indicate if you would like complimentary gift-wrapping (if so, age/gender/occasion of recipient)

10.        Have you ever commissioned artwork before?

Note: With House Portraits and Landscapes, extraneous imagery that deters from the composition of the painting (i.e telephone
            poles, cars, signage, trash cans + recycling bins, etc) will be omitted from your painting unless otherwise discussed. Please let   
            me know here if there are any additional modifications to be made. Rates may increase for the addition of imagery (i.e figures,
            pets, bicycles) and/or composites of multiple photos.

12.        When submitting this form, please also remember to send me any necessary reference photos. Please *attach images
            as jpegs* and email them- along with this completed form- to Thank you for choosing me to    
            create your special painting :)

13.        I, the Client, sign off on the above terms and information and agree to pay the Artist, Erica Harney, within 30 days of
            receipt of invoice or will be subject to interest.  I understand that my final cost may be higher than the starting price
            estimate due to complexity of image, additions, compilations, etc.

Print or Type Name of Client                                                        

Physical or Digital Signature of Client                                                Date